Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Simple Machines Forum SMF Lessons

Trivia. Who knows I may need this again someday.

V 2.0 Beta 4

Reported bug: display in 'attachment max size'. 0 is supposed to be unlimited but it looks like it's just spec-ing zero.

Avatars: Can only be one folder deep. Cannot be seen from admin, only from profile. Uploaded avatars go to attachments folder not avatars folder.

Smileys: Can only be one folder deep in 'smileys'. It will only use one folder at a time so whatever is in the folder you set as the default folder (not to be confused with the folder actually called 'default', unless you spec'd that as the default set) is all that is going to show for the users, so dump everything in the default set and then sequence them to put what you like on the post area vs. pop-up (more) area.

Message Icons: reside in themes/default/images/post no matter what theme you are using. So any message icons you want avail you have to copy over there, then manually add each filename in the admin area.

Profile fields: You can add a field like 'about' for each user in admin custom profile fields long-text. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to show more than a fraction in the actual profile display... might be a bug.

Posting javascript mods: I was able to mod the .js to allow a lot more fonts, but when I added any sizes at all it broke it sorta.

I really love SMF. I've hacked the hell out of the babylon theme to remove a ton of crap from all over the place, I've replaced all icons with 32x32 square clean ones, and it's the CLEANEST forum design I've ever seen.

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