Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Blog

Yes. I know this is a canned design theme and I don't care to spend the time making one pretty like my other five blogs on other topics.

Since I only do coding on my "extra" hours -- read: hours I should be sleeping, not working for free for hobby sites -- my time to figure things out is limited. And since I only use Cold Fusion (CFML), HTML and CSS -- I do not know jack about javascript except what I can steal, and I don't know much about any other kind of coding, nor have I time to learn -- this state of semi-illiteracy in programming means that every smallest problem is a true Day In Hell for me. I don't know how to script hack workarounds. And ColdFusion's documentation, while quite robust in places, in others leaves something seriously to be desired.

I have googled more than any human should have to, to find solutions to my Cold Fusion coding problems. What I often find is

a) A solution by accident, e.g. someone is doing something entirely different but after enough of those I chance on an idea that I try and it actually works for my own problem too, and

b) An internet of people bitching about some problem but absolutely nobody who has posted an answer or solution to it.

I finally decided that although I will only post occasionally, I'm going to post my issues and solutions or workarounds on a blog, so the next poor sucker trying to google for answers on these problems might actually find MY blog and get one.


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